DISEGNA TECHNOLOGICAL DECKING is the result of the union between aesthetics and excellent technical properties that ensure the highest efficiency and product quality. It is an innovative material, with high durability, high strength, easy to install and with low maintenance that has excellent properties for any application in outdoor spaces.

DISEGNA DECKING comes in two finishes, smooth and grooved. Each board is reversible, allowing you to choose the finish for the decking at the time of installation. Both sides offer optimum slip resistance, complying with antiskid rules in CTE Class 3, suitable for outdoor areas and swimming pools.

The longitudinal space between boards is considerably lower than in other models. While a gap of  up to 8mm can be seen in the latter, in the case of Disegna this gap been reduced to 5mm. The installation technique, using joist and fasteners along with its stainless steel tilting DINAMIX system, ensures it is fully attached to the ground at all times. The CURVE skirting boards are flexible when cold, meaning the edges of curved designs can be laid easily.